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No one could resist me. Not even you, Louis.

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1/15/06 02:28 pm

"But just remember! Life without me would be even more unbearable!"


Daniel Molloy: So, what do you do?

Louis: I'm a vampire.

Daniel Molloy: Hmm. That's something I've never heard before. You mean this literally, I take it?

Louis: Absolutely. I was waiting for you in that alleyway: watching you watching me. And then you began to speak.

Daniel Molloy: What a lucky break for me.

Louis: Perhaps lucky for the both of us.

Daniel Molloy: You said you were waiting for me. What were you going to do? Kill me, drink my blood, all that stuff?

Louis: Yes, but you needn't be concerned with that now.

Daniel Molloy: You really believe this, don't you, that you're a vampire?

Louis: We can't begin this way. Let me turn on the light.

Daniel Molloy: I thought vampires didn't like the light.

Louis: We love it. I only wanted to prepare you.
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